There’s no one simple process for achieving the goal of no poverty, but that doesn’t make it impossible. Conflict is closely linked to multidimensional poverty, a term that describes the way that extreme poverty can reach far beyond not having money or an income. The least developed countries struggle most to escape and recover from conflict-related poverty.

To get started right away, just tap any placeholder text (such as this) and start typing to replace it with your own.Most importantly, children are more than twice as likely as adults to live in extreme poverty. The solution I propose will also enhance the country’s GDP.

  • Equal Rights for Women: Women & girls living in poverty are more vulnerable to sexual exploitation, including trafficking, which needs to be stopped.
  • Entitle the Future Generation: This is to keep poverty at a situational level only.
  • Soil Erosion: Land degradation threatens the livelihoods of billions of people around the world.
  • Use of technology: provides employment opportunities, contributes to value chain creation, and generates income.

The empowerment of women will play a vital role in this exercise of poverty, as theyare the backbone of every family, and when women have opportunities, there is no looking back.

We need to work on enabling them to use free agricultural land in limited dimensions. which can be done with the support of neighboring countries to supply the required inputs (seeds) and use natural farming techniques that will self-sustain the yields on “Almost 700 million people around the world live today in extreme poverty – they subsist on less than $2.15 per day.” their farms and increase their incomes. Educate women on the creation of self- employment, like the utilization of natural resources for the creation of an alternate revenue model that can be exported to other countries. Ex: Burundi has mining as a natural resource; how can this be used only for the production of building materials?

Entitle the Future Generation. Work with NGO’s, the World Bank, and UNSECO, who can design the curriculum based on the natural learning process of children. through experimental learning and indigenous ways of knowing. By doing so, children become self-reliant and learn to take initiative to become change catalysts.

Prediction of soil erosion using technology; planting of native trees to prevent soil erosion Crop rotation and permaculture farming. Mulching will play an important role.

Digitalization and technological innovation are strong drivers of sustainable development, like satellite connectivity for health care, education, and the usage of drones in agriculture that can provide real-time forecasts using AI, improving yields and incomes.

Ending poverty in all forms everywhere requires the entire global community to get involved.

Aarna Belur

Vishwa Vidyapeeth