About us

About TALTransformers

Touch A-Life Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization started in California, USA in the year 2012 with the intention of giving back to the society. TALTransformers is an initiative of Touch-A-Life Foundation to encourage students to help the society through Social Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship.

TALTransformers is nurturing a social innovation mindset among the youth.


At TALTransformers, we believe that empowering youth with skills and development is the foundation for building a golden future. Our dynamic platform nurtures empathy and leadership while channeling passion towards purpose. We believe in the core principles of volunteering, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship to drive social impact as young minds have the capability to think outside of the box. We promote social entrepreneurship by providing mentorship, resources to these innovative and driven individuals. By educating and guiding youth about their social responsibility and values of philanthropy, we aim to build a sustainable future.


Our mission is to create a global network of dynamic youth, including leaders, philanthropists, innovators, influencers, artists, environmentalists, entrepreneurs, and students, who work towards forging a sustainable future and contribute to fulfilling the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We envision a world that is sustainable, inclusive, diverse, resourceful, and conscious, where everyone has equal opportunities to thrive and prosper. At TALTransformers, we strive to equip the youth with the necessary skills and knowledge to become socially responsible leaders and create positive change in their communities and beyond.